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Introduce your students to the exciting world of Extreme E, the climate-conscious electric off-road series that aims to promote the understanding of electric vehicles.

In Electric Revolution, students will be tracking the racing drivers and engineers and the forefront of this transport revolution. What skills do they need to do their job so well? How is Extreme E driving innovations in transport technology?

Extreme E provides a gateway to exploring electric modes of transport. How do electric cars work? Why did they take nearly 200 years to come to market? How are they helping us to combat climate change and transition to electric mobility?

Launch date: Content landing in December

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Discover the wonder of birds 

What makes a bird a bird. Students can learn about their unique biology and characteristics, habitats, migration, mating rituals and the impact of human activities on their survival. Your students will dive into the world of these living dinosaurs, discovering their incredible adaptations, survival strategies, and vital role in our ecosystems.

It’s easy for students to take part (meaning it’s easy for teachers too!). With just a few clicks, students can log in, create an account, and embark on their virtual adventure. 

From the polar ice caps to the lush tropical rainforests, students will engage with interactive maps, high-quality videos, quizzes, and games that deepen their understanding of these remarkable creatures and the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to inspire and educate your students. 

Independent online learning

Students prepare in their own time and take live quizzes at home or in class. If you want to use competitions for class time there is plenty of support. 

  • Footage and clips for the whiteboard

  • Plug and play activities

  • Lesson ideas and suggestions

Making the challenge of explaining issues such as climate change easy and engaging!

A world of learning just for teens

ITZA's dynamic learning platform is designed just for teens. Created in partnership with trusted partners, educators and world-renowned experts, we help turn screen time into a fun, educational experience. Already tested in over 50 countries, educators from around the world are encouraging learners to explore ITZA.

I enjoyed playing on ITZA because it encouraged me to learn about animals. There is a lot of competitiveness but it's also just really enjoyable. The quizzes are super fun and the videos are extremely interesting too. I am so happy that I was first in my school. Thank you so much ITZA for this wonderful opportunity to learn and have fun whilst doing so.

Student, SkyFrog9020 (grade 7)

ISN Nice, International School, France, November 2022

Student focused.
Teacher enabled.

The future of learning has students in the driver’s seat. ITZA is where this happens. Explore a place where students choose their path based on passions, interests and curiosities. Sign your school up on ITZA Inspire.

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ITZA is proud to sponsor the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) Eco Films Awards 2023. We invite young story-tellers of the future to make short films that explore local environmental projects in their community.

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