Last year more than 2,765 schools took part in the challenge from  52 countries. Students loved the chance to learn about conservation of their planet - in their own time! 


Are you up to the challenge?

School Challenge: Your school has from 9th October 7:30pm BST until 10pm BST on 19th October to climb the leaderboard.

Individual Challenge: You have from 9th October 7:30pm BST until 10pm BST on 21st October to climb the leaderboard.

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And don’t forget about the LIVE quizzes…

For schools: 19th October at 2.30pm BST

For individuals: 21st October at 2.30pm BST


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For schools: Between 3pm and 10pm on 19th October.

For individuals: Between 3pm and 10pm on 21st October.

But be warned, you only get one shot at the anytime quiz, so make sure you’re raring to go!


Independent Online Learning 

Students prepare in their own time and take live quizzes at home or in the class. If you want to use the competition for class time there is plenty of support.

  • Footage and clips for the whiteboard

  • Plug and play activities

  • Lesson ideas and suggestions

Making the challenge of explaining the climate crisis easy and engaging!

Free online resources and competitions every month 


T20 World Cup

Starts 24 October 


FIFA World Cup 

Starts 7th December



Starts 15th February

Learning about our world - and how to preserve it!

It is a thrill to be able to communicate the curriculum topics of ecosystems, biodiversity and evolution through this course. This will not only support what they study at school, but also inform them as global citizens of the future.

Karl Frearson, Eton College

Itza has struck a chord with the children: they were both engaged and inspired from the moment they logged on. The videos, graphics, stories, quizzes and unique take on the science of sustainability is ingenious. We will definitely weave Itza into the science curriculum taught here!

​Dr Rebecca Torrance Jenkins, Kingswood School