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We’re a team of educators, neuroscientists, technologists and film-makers on a mission to transform industry 4.0 learning with go-to resources that teachers can trust. 

Our digital platform empowers independent learning with inspirational, sustainability-focused content, rewards, and personalised analytics.

Itza’s content is produced with the world’s most exciting, impact-focused brands, including the BBC, WWF and Netflix. We’re proud to be collaborating with WWF on the multi-year initiative 'Learn to Save Our Planet' which aims to help young people understand the complex area of sustainability.

Itza has struck a chord with the children: they were both engaged and inspired from the moment they logged on. The videos, graphics, stories, quizzes and unique take on the science of sustainability is ingenious. We will definitely weave Itza into the science curriculum taught here!

- ​Dr Rebecca Torrance Jenkins

Our in-house production studio delivers content the way Gen Z wants it: high quality, short-form video, interactives, live quizzes and fun games to inspire, teach and entertain.

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Learning journeys help to develop skills and knowledge beyond the school curriculum.

Itza promises time well spent: everything is curated and validated so children are free to explore safely online


Immersive, engaging content developed in collaboration with teachers and academics from  top schools and University College London.

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