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Empower students to be climate change leaders.

Join us in our 2023 One Planet Challenges

Bringing students together from all over the world to participate in a sustainable learning journey.

Sign your school or classes up for this year's upcoming One Planet Challenges!

ITZA inspires students to learn and take action.

These 10-day competitions organize students into school teams to compete with peers from around the world. It's an easy, fun, and rewarding way for students to learn about the natural world on a safe, educational platform designed just for them.

The Challenges are free worldwide and accessible on any device.

ITZA is where students love to learn.


5. Sir David Attenborough pictured in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. David Attenborough_ A Life O

The 4 Imperatives 

Coming 25th January 2023 



Coming 15th March 2023



Coming 27th March 2023

Learning about our world - and how to preserve it!

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