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Oceans teacher toolkit

The ocean is VAST. No matter where you live, we are all affected by it. 


Can you figure out whether these statements about our ocean are true or false?

Statement 1: The ocean covers 50% of the Earth’s surface.

There’s a reason we call Earth the Blue Planet!

Statement 2: There are 5 oceans on our planet.

Have you ever wondered why the ocean is so important? Well, it’s all about…

Wave power
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Sounds amazing, right? What else does the ocean do for us?

Mind map activity

Let’s think about some of the ways the ocean influences our world. Can you name any?

The Isles of Scilly - off the southwest coast of Britain - have an almost Mediterranean climate. At the same latitude, across the Atlantic, are the icy waters of Canada’s east coast. This is thanks to the warm Gulf Stream current which brings heat from the Caribbean.